Saturday, December 18, 2010


UGH! Computer issues! I hate that. It's messing with my otherwise well planned out time. Happy Holiday's everyone.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Count Down to HP

WOOOOO HOOOO! ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS UNTIL THE NEXT HARRY POTTER FILM! I'm so excited I can't contain my enthusiasm. On Ravelry I joined a group "Hogwarts at Ravelry" and am working my class assignments in Apparitions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures. I'm enjoing the challenge of producing knitting to accomplish the class assignements. My pygmy puff. I plan on wearing him on my shoulder to the HP movie on Friday, for which I have taken the day off in order to go. I'm working my ways through the movies here at home......gosh.......I'm such a geek. He still needs a name. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My First Hat

I'm proud to announce my "OFF the Needles" very first knitted hat! Yes, first one. I've done dozens of dishcloths, an afghan, a baby blanket, numerous scarves, a men's vest and first hat. It was also the first time I added a color change to my work. WOW am I adventurous or what? The hat was made with KnitPIcks Worsted Swish in the Jade and Gold colors. These are Kelsie's (darling daughter 2) college colors. Go Bulls! The pattern was a free pattern I found on the Knit PIck's site. Kelsie look's adorable in the hat and best of all she love's the hat, and I know it will get lot's of use as winter approaches. I've also completed a couple of dishcloths recently and a patch of fun fur to be turned into a pygmy puff.

Still on my needles, is the MilkyWay Shawl. And due to be Cast on is a pair of socks for Kristy (darling daughter 1). I purchased some lovely Knit Picks Hand Painted Stroll yarn in the colorway Tea Party. I have 2 skeins, and am at a loss of what to make. I love the colors of pinks and browns, and I thought a shawl might be nice, maybe a scarf? O heck, I don't know. I've been searching for the perfect pattern. I seem to be struggling on getting a feel for what to stitch with this yarn. Any suggestions???? I could use some help.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

OOOH, I'm so alive with this beautiful weather. I really come to life when the weather cools and I can feel the year coming to an end. The holidays are almost here, and all is right in my universe. The only thing missing? The changing of the leaves. Florida stays pretty green all year. I miss the trees changing the summer greens for a wardrobe full of golds, browns and russets. The crisp chill in the air to remind you it's not summer, and winter is on it's way. The time change back to normal hours. I HATE daylight savings time. I miss that hour for months, and I never seem quite right. Then we fall back, and my universe falls into place, the spark ignites, and life is good.

My son enjoyed his visit home, now he leaves for Hawaii. I miss him already. I finished my first knitted hat and will post that this afternoon. In the meantime.....have a great FALL day.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well time sure does fly. My oldest darling daughter turned 21, my son is home visiting, and Halloween is just around the corner. Good Heavens! The year is almost gone.......again! Panic begins to set in for a multitude of reasons. Oh day at a time.

I've been stitching on my Just Nan piece, pic coming soon. I promise. On the needles is the MilkyWay shawl and soon a pair of socks for Kristy (aka DD1). Off the needles? 2 dishcloths for my Ravelry Group Hogwarts at Ravelry. I'm taking Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Appartitions. Tons of assignments, so I'm knitting, knitting and more knitting. Below is the dishcloth for my very first Hogwarts assignement (I'm in Ravenclaw). This is what my Boggart turns into. Fun stuff. Unfortunately, it does not photograph well. I will post next project soon. Til safe and keep stitching.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Finish

Oh Happy Day! I have completed a Cross Stitch piece! Yes, take your time, and catch your breath. Ok, all better....

I have worked on and finished many knitting pieces this year and have been stuck in cross stitching purgatory as I work on my "Big Round Zipper" piece. But after feeling inspired with the girlfriends last weekend and our trip to Port Charlotte, I purchased, started and now have finished my first cross stitch piece of 2010! I....know.....exciting stuff here. Below is my "Halloween" finish. This design makes a pin cushion (that part is not done, but I did order the crushed walnut shells from the pet store), The design is by Raise the Roof, and is just so cute...I can't wait to stick pins in it!

I'm inspired to keep stitching.....What's next..................................

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally Finished!

A-HA! They are done. My very first pair of socks. Stitched with NORO sock yarn in an "I don't remember" colorway selected for my youngest daughter. I used Silver's Sock Class to stitch these socks, and I'm happy to report the completion. My finishing needs a little work, but they are now soaking to allow the yarn to bloom and then ready for blocking. I'm very pleased with the outcome, and the reversal of color was my daughter's idea. I had a blast, now what else can I knit????

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Finish

Well Fall Cometh! I can't wait. The crispness in the air, the early nights, the colors, Halloween. All my favorite things of the Autumn. The only thing missing.......the changing of the leaves. Florida stays green almost all year. Sometimes, you just need to see it from another perspective.

Off the Needles! on Friday 9/17/2010 The Baby Blanket. Started in July 2010 in an acrylic baby yarn in a pale blue colorway. I chose the acrylic as the recipient is not a knitter, and with a baby would need something machine wash and dryable. After washing, this yarn was SO incredibly soft and developed a lovely halo. The blanket is 43" long and once I got it under control, it took no time at all to complete. The pattern was a 4 row repeating pattern from a knit magazine. The magazine is Creative Knitting the July 2010 issue, page 60. The recipient, a lovely young woman that works with me. She had a little boy in August. What a cutie pie!

On the Needles: Sock #2 of Silver's Sock Class pattern. I just completed the gusset and am starting the length of the foot. This should be completed this week.

Ready to CAST ON? I have 2 items. 1) Summer Sand Empire sleeveless top also from the Creative Knitting July 2010 magazine. Using Louisa Harding's Impression yarn #14 Louisa Harding ::Impression #14:: mohair yarn Aqua and 2) Milky Way Wrap from Nature's Wrapture (contemporary knitted shawls) book page 41. Using Sensations BeauJingles Acrylic Yarn. This yarn is a specialty yarn that has sequins attached to it, ordinarily acrylic isn't my first choice, but the gray colorway with silver sequins looks stunning in the swatch I made. It will be a beautiful wrap to gift to someone who prefers easy to care for itemsm and light enough not to be too HOT or itchy in the Florida weather.

More to come.....Stay Tuned.....Same BatTime, Same BatChannel............LOL

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August Camping

We are home from our weekend camping trip. Wow, what an adventure! We left Friday afternoon and headed to our favorite camp grounds of old. Things change a lot when you don't visit in 12 years. The 2 DDs and 1 DD BF, and DH and I braved the heat to spend the weekend camping and to take our canoe on the maiden voyage. Now, at this point, all of my friends begin laughing. Yes, I know I may look like an indoor girl, and truth be told I do prefer camping at the nearest Hotel with room service. However, I do enjoy the camping experience. The roaring camp fire, the beautiful scenery, the airconditioned camper.....Oh Wait! We had tents and air matresses and a good fan! Ok, my condition of camping.....NO PRIMITIVE SITES. I only camp at sites with running water, bathrooms, and ELECTRICITY. Yes, it was hot, and I drank gallons of water, however, there was pleasure in being with the family, waking up to see hubby bringing me campfire coffee. My only responsibility.....keep the campfire going. I took my Cross Stitch, and managed to put in a couple of stitches on Saturday morning while the air was still slightly cooler and the fan was blowing on me and only me in my screened in tent room. (see photos in the gallery). After breakfast Hubby and I were alone, as the kids went out on the canoe, and hubby was doing the dishes, when out of nowhere we were attached by elite ninja squirrels. Well, one really with exception ninja skills. Greg gave him a cookie, now you know what they say, you give a squirrel a cookie, then he wants the whole bag. This did seem to encourage him to repeatedly come into the campsite and sneak away with food from the ground, although I did catch him inside our bag of Carolina BBQ Lays potato chips. Apparently, not only do ninja squirrels like cookies, but they also like chips! You can see the elite ninja squirrel pictured above, as he hung upside down on the tree, eating his vanilla sandwhich cookie.

I did find that I had some quiet time to myself to do some amateur photography, and ponder the questions of the universe such as "Do squirrels poop?" They do indeed as the YouTube video showed me. Yes, I did ask this question as I walked on the forest floor in flip flops and I wondered how do I know I'm not stepping in poop? I then was distracted by something shiny, and beautiful.....a black and blue butterfly. Can you say Photo OP? So after 20 minutes of tracking the butterfly, I finally got some lovely photos.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prom Night

Kelsie attended her senior prom with her boy friend Enrique. They both look great.

Oh to be 18 again. Kelsie graduates this year and is also the year for my HS Reunion......OMG 25 years!!!!

Please, someone tell me........Where does the time go????

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Ok, these days I'm addicted to Farmville and Vampire Wars on Facebook. I'm wasting precious time, completing missions, and tending crops. It must be the need to not have anything "real" to think about.

Completed and OFF THE NEEDLES - Woo Hoo!!! The Self-ruffling Scarf is complete. It is lovely and soft and reminds me of clouds. I made this for myself, however, I have a friend that I believe will put it to better use. Really, what need do I have for scarf here in Florida? I wear flip flops all year long.... So, anyway, I will be mailing her this scarf to use for next winter. It's like sending her a hug.

This last week has seen some changes in my household. My son, is now at basic training with the Army. I'm so proud, that he would choose to serve our great country. I miss him, and cherish every phone call from him. I look forward to seeing the man he will become.

Now, yesterday, while sitting outside, I came across this little guy peeking out from between my hacienda bricks edging the front garden. We've been trying to identify the type of snake he is. He wasn't very big at all. And I never got a clear view of his tail to tell if he truly was dusk pygmy rattlesnake or something less menacing. But either way, he was outside, so he lives. We were really fascinated with him though. He looks dark in the pictures, but he was more gray in color with the dark blotches.

On the needles...I only have one project. Yes, that is correct only one. I'm working on the green afghan. It's easy and comforting. I still have this gorgeous aran yarn that I want to knit into a project, but can't figure out what to do next. I'm still stitching on the big round zipper, and have made a few additional purchases lately.

Well the sun is still shining, and it's beautiful outside, I'm going to grab my stitching and head out to enjoy the weather before it gets TOO HOT.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And the winner is....

Pictured above are some REALLY adorable pieces. The Lizzie Kate Spring Fob, limited edition and the Just Nan birds...Of Course, I had to have PINK!!!! WOO HOO. So I ordered the items above from Down Sunshine Lane (the best place in the world) and was entered into their "Market" Drawing. How exciting to find out I WON! Wow!! I'm so thrilled, so the prize was $150 of Bag of Stash. Which, as you know, is always useful...

The items arrived today! I love the mailperson. So let me tell you what was in my bag of stash.....

1. The Big Zipper Project bag that everything arrived in...

2. Packet of Ackworth School Sampler All Occassion cards

3. JABC April Fools Day pattern with all the buttons

4. VeeandCo Summer Beauty Biscornu Pattern

5. CherryWood Design Studios A Stitcher's Story Pattern

6. Ange et la Rose Rose and Angel pattern

7. Yarn Tree Ornament Frame

8. 100 pack of Thread Tux

9. a plastic tube of Bead Soup ( a ton of beads of different colors, sizes and types)

10. Dinky Dyes Purple scissors

11. Hobb Nobb Doodles "Daisy Bouquet"

12. 3 needle pack of John James Gold plated Tapestry Petite needles

13. My Big Toe Designs gold crystal toped Marking Pins

14. The Gentle Art "Spring Bag" of floss includes Dogwood, Watermelon, May Flowers, Confetti, April Showers, Asparagus

15. Lizzie Kate Giggle Boxers "Today was a total waste of Make-up"

and I wasn't sure what #16 was. It was by In the Company of Friends, and was a small bag with what appeared to be a needle card. When I opened it, it was a lovely decorated paper trifold needle card holding 9 crystal topped pins. It is really lovely.

Well, that's it. Boy do I feel spoiled. A BIG Thank you to Amy of Down Sunshine Lane for the prize. DSL is my favorite place to shop, because Amy is FAST FAST FAST in shipping those orders out. So there is my plug for her...

Have a great weekend everyone....tomorrow I look at more properties for the tea room...more to come...stay tuned.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainy Days

Well here it is a chilly and rainy Saturday in Florida. I woke up early and took the dogs for a walk to our favorite Colombian bakery for some guava pastry and cafe con leche. Yummy. Bruiser and Peanut enjoy the walk because they know they get a treat at the bakery. We are settling in for some work on the business plan and review of some other documents so work is on the menu for today. However, a moment to share the pictures I promised last week...

To the left is the men's sweater vest I knitted for my husband. I started this in October 2009 as part of a class. The class had 3 lessons, with the last in December. With work and the holidays, I did not have this completed for Christmas. I procrastinated some because I was unsure on how to proceed to complete the back and neck shaping. I finally spent a couple of days on it and finished it. I took Greg to Joann Etc to find some buttons that he would like. We found theses fabulous eagle head silver shank buttons that I thought went perfectly with the color selection. Luckily Greg agreed that they were the best choice for the sweater. Below is a close up picture of the pattern and the buttons.

Now what do I knit next?......

Still on my needles is the fairy blue self ruffling scarf, and the forest green wavy afghan. Pictures of those to come....stay tuned.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blessed and Grateful

Good Morning Friends.

It's early and I really should be heading for the shower to get ready for work. As another week has begun, another day passes and with it, we are nearly through February. WOW, where does the time go?

Greg and I are both busy with work, the kids are busy with work, and/or school. Kelsie's report card was FABULOUS, and as a result she won a raffle at school and received a Flip HighDef video camera. She's thrilled. Kristy's been doing well and has been taken off her meds, and Steven is prepping to leave for basic training. My babies are growing up. How blessed I am to have them in my life. The opportunities they have given me for personal growth is amazing. Children bring so much to a life in so many ways. I'm excited for them and the oportunities that they have.

Work is good. We've been swamped...enough said. Now, for the good stuff....

Off my needles - Greg's sweater vest is COMPLETE! Yes I finally made it. He got it on Sunday evening. It's beautiful. I can see I still have a few things to learn, and I probably should have blocked it, and I suppose I can still do that, but I have to get some stuff to do that. I've taken pictures but am waiting for the Kid to send them to me for posting. You will just have to wait a bit.

On my needles - I am still working on my afghan, and I still have a self ruffling scarf to complete. Both of which are seriously nearing completion. I will have to look into something else to knit. I do have a pair of socks I want to do.

In hand - I'm still working on the Round Zipper. I'm nearly finished with part 2. I hope to break that out again soon. I also have a Loose Feather's project I'm working on and will post details and pics soon. Nothing finished on the Cross Stitch side of life to report.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


WOW does time pass quickly. It's been awhile since my last post. The New Year has arrived and passed, I've turned another year older, and Valentine's Day came and went as well. Good Heavens. Where does time go.

Greg and I have been busy working on a location for my new endeavor. More to come on that....stay tuned. Work is keeping us both busy. The kids are doing well, and the time for Steven to leave for basic training is nearly upon us.

I've been stitching on Big Round Zipper and have nearly completed part 2. I've worked a few rows of my afghan, and am finally nearing the end of Greg's sweater vest, promised for Christmas. It's still chilly here, so perhaps he will get a chance to wear it.

Well that's it for now, will post soon with pics.