Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainy Days

Well here it is a chilly and rainy Saturday in Florida. I woke up early and took the dogs for a walk to our favorite Colombian bakery for some guava pastry and cafe con leche. Yummy. Bruiser and Peanut enjoy the walk because they know they get a treat at the bakery. We are settling in for some work on the business plan and review of some other documents so work is on the menu for today. However, a moment to share the pictures I promised last week...

To the left is the men's sweater vest I knitted for my husband. I started this in October 2009 as part of a class. The class had 3 lessons, with the last in December. With work and the holidays, I did not have this completed for Christmas. I procrastinated some because I was unsure on how to proceed to complete the back and neck shaping. I finally spent a couple of days on it and finished it. I took Greg to Joann Etc to find some buttons that he would like. We found theses fabulous eagle head silver shank buttons that I thought went perfectly with the color selection. Luckily Greg agreed that they were the best choice for the sweater. Below is a close up picture of the pattern and the buttons.

Now what do I knit next?......

Still on my needles is the fairy blue self ruffling scarf, and the forest green wavy afghan. Pictures of those to come....stay tuned.

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