Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Very Productive Week

Last Weekend (October 1) I headed to the yarn store for some yarn to make a hat for my son, and some inspiration. I found some inspiration in the way of Malabrigo Rasta. I purchased this beautiful yarn thinking I would make a scarf for my daughter for her birthday. I also purchased some Black Malabrigo for my son's hat. With this done, I headed home to do some knitting, thinking this would keep me busy for a couple of weeks. NOT. So ON * OFF the needles on Sunday (10/2) the 2X2 Ribbled Neck Cozy by Cabin Fever. So I started the Classic WW2 Watchman hat in Malabrigo black colorway for my son. I hat this finished by Thursday 10/6, so I grabbed by first Handspun yarn I did with the KnitGirllls first Spin a long, and knit another 2x2 ribbed neck cozy. This was finished Friday 10/7. So Saturday 10/8, I once again headed to the yarn store for inspiration. I came home with 2 skeins of Filatura Di Crosa Moda Lame to make 2 scarves, some Alp Dazzle by Feza Yarns to make a lacy scarf in a lovely brown colorway, and some more Malabrigo in Black for another Hat, with some size 7 DPNS by Dreamz. I completed both of the Filatura Di Crosa Moda Lame scarves Saturday afternoon, and started the Lace Scarf with the Alp Dazzle. WOW! That's all I have to say.....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Beautiful Day

I was awake at 5am and thinking to myself..." You overslept! Wait, the Alarm, it's not set!" Then the realization hit me.....It's Saturday Fool! Awwww the stress of work carries over...So, I'm awake and weigh in....Yeah! lost 10.5lbs!....and then putter around the house. Left Brain gets up and then we walk the Dogs. What a GORGEOUS morning. The temperature was perfect for a long walk. Then Left Brain, made me breakfast, yummy, and now I'm puttering around talking to my son and updating the blog. The flowers pictured here were my daughters and have been on the kitchen table for the last week or two, I didn't take this picture, but when checking the camera this morning I found an array of mysterious photographs of the flowers. So either I'm a sleep-photographer, or pixies have been here using my camera. Oh, well they really are pretty! Unfortunately, I cannot report on any cross stitch or knitting. I've been too busy at work to do either. [sad face]