Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boo Hoo! The weekend's nearly gone!

What's a girl to do? Football on the tube, the weekend's almost gone......I know.....KNIT, KNIT, KNIT.'

Off my needles: Diaganol Scarf using Rozetti Soft Payette in colorway Alexandrite, and a multi colored Pink and purple Cha Cha yarn. Love it!!!! It's so me.

On the needles: The silvery/gray shawl for my mom, Monkey Socks by Cookie A in Jungle Rain colorway Aslan Trends Santa Fe Sock Yarn, and beginning next week...February Lady Sweater in Naturally "Country" Merino Wool blend yarn in colorway Foliage.

I'm doing the February Lady Sweater as a KAL with the Knitwits Podcast. Looks like a ton of fun. I begin swatching this week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stitching with the Gang

There is nothing better in this life, than the precious moments spent with cherished friends. I forget, sometimes, just how much I need the interaction with my stitching girlfriends. They inspire me in so many ways, and treasure every minute with them. Thanks Laides for being the wonderful, caring , beautiful women you are!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hooray for Birthday Weekeds.

Yes, that's right, I desreve a whole month of birthdays, but since other's wouldn't agree, I'll settle for the 4 day Birthday Weekend! It's the Weekend of Jeannette. LOL. Not unlike the summer of George. My 4 day weekend began yesterday on my birthday, with scones and presents. Continued last night with the most amazing dinner at the Mystic Fish. (if you've never been, it is delightful. Great Food and Exceptional service.) This morning I had a left over scone, yummy, and walked with hubby and the dogs. I have a day planned of watching the Tudors & Weeds, and knitting, and stitching all day. I may surfice for something to eat on occassion. Then tomorrow, I leave the family behind for a day with the most wonder girlfriends on the planet for some quality stitching time!, Then Sunday will be..................are you ready.........................PAJAMA DAY! Yes, I'm not even going to get dressed. Ha Ha, ! I may spend some time working, but it may be sewing day, I'm not sure what I will feel like. Happy Weekend of Jeannette everybody, the Diva says.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Warm cream scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Hot steaming tea. My Birthday morning breakfast....mmmm.....yummy.

Darling Daughter #1 got me some gorgeous South African Top Roving in the colorway "Awakenings". Hmmm, I need to learn to spin and I need a spinning wheel. How much yarn will 4 oz get me? Off to shop for spinning books. FUN! No anyone who gives lessons?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today's Observations

I'm struck by the fact that it takes minutes to create a New Year's Resolution, only seconds to break it, yet hours of suffering feelings of remorse and/or guilt? What is up with that???? This is why I do not do resolutions any more. I choose to live a life free of self loathing, guit, remorse and regret. It is what is.....Live life with ferver. Love and be kind and tolerant. And remember, everyone has a bad day from time to time. I am the only person responsible for my happiness. Love, peace and prosperity to you all.....Happy 2011!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, here it is, 2011. Wow, how time flies. It's time to reflect over the last year, and plan for the new. A lot has happened in 2010. My son joined the Army, my youngest daughter graduated from High School, and started College. My oldest daughter came off her medications, changed jobs, and has found a major in college that she is enthusiastic about. 2011 promises to be a year full of challenges, as I prepare for career change, and attempt to make a living following my dreams, my son will go to Afghanistan, and my oldest daugther will complete her AA and transfer to a 4 yr school to continue her BS. Exciting times to come, no doubt.

I'm finding inspiration all around me. I read an article on a family living like nomads since 2008 and will begin following their journey as they inspire me to take a leap of faith. I'm not ready to sell everything and let the wanderlust take hold, but I'm intrigued at the idea. It may not be my dream, but what I find inspiring, is how they chose to follow their dream. What can I learn from them?

Off the needles: Another Beanie Hat, in USF school colors, this one is primarily gold with 2 green stripes.

On the needles: Currently is the Yoga Socks. I've completed sock 1 and now more than 1/2 way done with sock 2. The shawl is in slow progression. I've lost my place, it fell of the needles, and now I need to rip back and start again. So needless to say, I haven't looked at it. I haven't picked up any cross stitch, but I have items in process, and I have things I want to sew with my new sewing machine. Maybe next weekend.

Happy 2011 to my friends and family.....