Friday, January 7, 2011

Hooray for Birthday Weekeds.

Yes, that's right, I desreve a whole month of birthdays, but since other's wouldn't agree, I'll settle for the 4 day Birthday Weekend! It's the Weekend of Jeannette. LOL. Not unlike the summer of George. My 4 day weekend began yesterday on my birthday, with scones and presents. Continued last night with the most amazing dinner at the Mystic Fish. (if you've never been, it is delightful. Great Food and Exceptional service.) This morning I had a left over scone, yummy, and walked with hubby and the dogs. I have a day planned of watching the Tudors & Weeds, and knitting, and stitching all day. I may surfice for something to eat on occassion. Then tomorrow, I leave the family behind for a day with the most wonder girlfriends on the planet for some quality stitching time!, Then Sunday will be..................are you ready.........................PAJAMA DAY! Yes, I'm not even going to get dressed. Ha Ha, ! I may spend some time working, but it may be sewing day, I'm not sure what I will feel like. Happy Weekend of Jeannette everybody, the Diva says.

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