Saturday, March 20, 2010

And the winner is....

Pictured above are some REALLY adorable pieces. The Lizzie Kate Spring Fob, limited edition and the Just Nan birds...Of Course, I had to have PINK!!!! WOO HOO. So I ordered the items above from Down Sunshine Lane (the best place in the world) and was entered into their "Market" Drawing. How exciting to find out I WON! Wow!! I'm so thrilled, so the prize was $150 of Bag of Stash. Which, as you know, is always useful...

The items arrived today! I love the mailperson. So let me tell you what was in my bag of stash.....

1. The Big Zipper Project bag that everything arrived in...

2. Packet of Ackworth School Sampler All Occassion cards

3. JABC April Fools Day pattern with all the buttons

4. VeeandCo Summer Beauty Biscornu Pattern

5. CherryWood Design Studios A Stitcher's Story Pattern

6. Ange et la Rose Rose and Angel pattern

7. Yarn Tree Ornament Frame

8. 100 pack of Thread Tux

9. a plastic tube of Bead Soup ( a ton of beads of different colors, sizes and types)

10. Dinky Dyes Purple scissors

11. Hobb Nobb Doodles "Daisy Bouquet"

12. 3 needle pack of John James Gold plated Tapestry Petite needles

13. My Big Toe Designs gold crystal toped Marking Pins

14. The Gentle Art "Spring Bag" of floss includes Dogwood, Watermelon, May Flowers, Confetti, April Showers, Asparagus

15. Lizzie Kate Giggle Boxers "Today was a total waste of Make-up"

and I wasn't sure what #16 was. It was by In the Company of Friends, and was a small bag with what appeared to be a needle card. When I opened it, it was a lovely decorated paper trifold needle card holding 9 crystal topped pins. It is really lovely.

Well, that's it. Boy do I feel spoiled. A BIG Thank you to Amy of Down Sunshine Lane for the prize. DSL is my favorite place to shop, because Amy is FAST FAST FAST in shipping those orders out. So there is my plug for her...

Have a great weekend everyone....tomorrow I look at more properties for the tea room...more to come...stay tuned.

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Jeannette said...

OH GEEZ....I almost forgot, I also received a button painted tin, and a quilted square pin cushion. so that is 17 & 18. WOW that's a lot....