Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Ok, these days I'm addicted to Farmville and Vampire Wars on Facebook. I'm wasting precious time, completing missions, and tending crops. It must be the need to not have anything "real" to think about.

Completed and OFF THE NEEDLES - Woo Hoo!!! The Self-ruffling Scarf is complete. It is lovely and soft and reminds me of clouds. I made this for myself, however, I have a friend that I believe will put it to better use. Really, what need do I have for scarf here in Florida? I wear flip flops all year long.... So, anyway, I will be mailing her this scarf to use for next winter. It's like sending her a hug.

This last week has seen some changes in my household. My son, is now at basic training with the Army. I'm so proud, that he would choose to serve our great country. I miss him, and cherish every phone call from him. I look forward to seeing the man he will become.

Now, yesterday, while sitting outside, I came across this little guy peeking out from between my hacienda bricks edging the front garden. We've been trying to identify the type of snake he is. He wasn't very big at all. And I never got a clear view of his tail to tell if he truly was dusk pygmy rattlesnake or something less menacing. But either way, he was outside, so he lives. We were really fascinated with him though. He looks dark in the pictures, but he was more gray in color with the dark blotches.

On the needles...I only have one project. Yes, that is correct only one. I'm working on the green afghan. It's easy and comforting. I still have this gorgeous aran yarn that I want to knit into a project, but can't figure out what to do next. I'm still stitching on the big round zipper, and have made a few additional purchases lately.

Well the sun is still shining, and it's beautiful outside, I'm going to grab my stitching and head out to enjoy the weather before it gets TOO HOT.

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