Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

OOOH, I'm so alive with this beautiful weather. I really come to life when the weather cools and I can feel the year coming to an end. The holidays are almost here, and all is right in my universe. The only thing missing? The changing of the leaves. Florida stays pretty green all year. I miss the trees changing the summer greens for a wardrobe full of golds, browns and russets. The crisp chill in the air to remind you it's not summer, and winter is on it's way. The time change back to normal hours. I HATE daylight savings time. I miss that hour for months, and I never seem quite right. Then we fall back, and my universe falls into place, the spark ignites, and life is good.

My son enjoyed his visit home, now he leaves for Hawaii. I miss him already. I finished my first knitted hat and will post that this afternoon. In the meantime.....have a great FALL day.

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