Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My First Hat

I'm proud to announce my "OFF the Needles" project.....my very first knitted hat! Yes, first one. I've done dozens of dishcloths, an afghan, a baby blanket, numerous scarves, a men's vest and now......my first hat. It was also the first time I added a color change to my work. WOW am I adventurous or what? The hat was made with KnitPIcks Worsted Swish in the Jade and Gold colors. These are Kelsie's (darling daughter 2) college colors. Go Bulls! The pattern was a free pattern I found on the Knit PIck's site. Kelsie look's adorable in the hat and best of all she love's the hat, and I know it will get lot's of use as winter approaches. I've also completed a couple of dishcloths recently and a patch of fun fur to be turned into a pygmy puff.

Still on my needles, is the MilkyWay Shawl. And due to be Cast on is a pair of socks for Kristy (darling daughter 1). I purchased some lovely Knit Picks Hand Painted Stroll yarn in the colorway Tea Party. I have 2 skeins, and am at a loss of what to make. I love the colors of pinks and browns, and I thought a shawl might be nice, maybe a scarf? O heck, I don't know. I've been searching for the perfect pattern. I seem to be struggling on getting a feel for what to stitch with this yarn. Any suggestions???? I could use some help.

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Cari said...

You go girl...cute hat !!