Thursday, July 2, 2009


Have you ever noticed it never takes as long to get home, as when you leave home? The trip home from Ormond Beach, was fast. We had a great trip. We stayed just a ways up from Daytona Beach and what a treat! I love private beaches. They are just wonderful. Upon arrival the beach looked sunny and bright. We did encounter a couple of rainy days, but that certainly did not stop us from enjoying the beach. Greg was out to see the sunrise everymorning. We walked and talked and enjoyed the early morning hours of the mild sun, then took to sight seeing for the hotter parts in the day. We spent the evenings enjoying the beach sounds again. It is addicting. I knitted, and stitched. I sunned, and walked. I swam in the surf and enjoyed the family time. I figure I have fewer years ahead where the kids will want to go on family trips. We ate Bavarian on my Anniversary. We visited the lighthouse, and shopped like you wouldn't believe. Greg and I are now officially in love with Depression Glass and see a new hobby developing for us. But, I'm glad to be home. The puppies all missed us and were happy to see us come home. I have a tone of laundry, but I still have several days off to recoup (well laid plans). I'm stitching again. I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs. There truly place like home.

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