Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well, It's Saturday. I'm officially on Vacation. Woo HOO!!!!! I'm heading to the beach today. I have my stitching in Tow. And my Knitting too. Computer? Always! I have plans to visit a couple of tea rooms, and a stitching store too... get some sun, and most of all the big R's! Rest and Relaxation.

I have the new loose feather's winging it's way to me, as well as the new Winter Wonderland series begins. I also have the new LK coming! I can't wait. My Big Round Zipper arrived, and I can't wait to get started on that, although I have to finish EEK. I found a Boo Boo! Yes, I have to employ the "frog". It has to be fixed I can't tweak it. Oh well... I hope I have enough floss. I'll post the pic upon completion. I have managed to put in a few rows of stitches on my knitting while waiting for the dermatologist. Ok, I'm a freak of nature. They don't know what the recurring rash on my leg is. They don't know what causes it. So, I had another biopsy and I continue to wait for some answers.

Well I'm off and running. Posting soon, I promise.

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