Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Morning

Well, it feels like the time is picking up speed. Good Grief, has this been a whirl wind week. It began with DD (Darling Daughter) being ill last Sunday. Monday I worked from home, thank you to my boss, and took DD to see her doctor. Doctor suggested we go to ER and so we trucked over there. DD was admitted to hospital. That really puts a crimp in the week as you struggle to be at work, be at home with care for other kids and pets, and visit DD in hospital. Good news, DD may be coming home today. Woo Hoo! Also this week Bruiser was ill and had to be at vet, and then went back mid week for annual shots, then wasn't feeling well, and had to rush him back to vet yesterday for follow up for fear of somethng serious going on. Bruiser is now feeling a bit better and recovering from shots. New sofa arrived!!! LOVE IT! Last night was the first night I was able to sit on it. I was there for 30 minutes, then off to bed. Exhausting week. Wednesday I met a few of my stitching ladies at Panera for a light stitch. I was able to regenerate a bit, with them. They are always so much fun, and I managed to put a few stitches in. My Princess House party was rescheduled to next Friday evening, so I suppose I will serve wine. I think that pretty much wraps up my week. I finished Harry Potter book 5 (for the umpteenth time) and started book 6 in preperation to see the movie tomorrow. I can't wait! today I will be doing the HP movie marathon! Time to get going. Happy stitching everyone.

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