Sunday, July 12, 2009

YaHOO! Happy Dancing!

Ding Dong the chair is dead! Ok, let me explain. Hubby has a chair. It was a beautiful brown leather recliner upon purchase. Now, it is in abused condition (thanks to children, children's friends, and pets). We have taken the first step in ousting the "Chair" from it's beloved position in the house by purchasing a loveseat/sofa with double recliners and a console in the center.

The new Sofa/love seat will arrive a week from Tuesday. I'm so excited. I will have a comfy place to sit and enjoy my stitching and recline! Hopefully I wont sleep more than I stitch.


Cari said...

You will be lovin' the new stitching seat...way too comfortable. Thanks for the birthday wishes on my blog. Happy Stitching!!!

Maggee said...

I have been searching for just the right stitching chair for a couple of years now!(want it down filled...) Enjoy your new furniture!

Am enjoying my visit to your blog.