Saturday, August 8, 2009

Inspiration and Annoyance

As the bug of inspiration bit me in WalMart I purchased a couple of cute Simplicity Patterns and some clearance fabrics. What can I say, it spoke to me. Pink with Glitter what more do I have to say?

So I purchased the Pink fabric thinking how my Darling Daughters would love it made into a purse and then found an adorable pattern and lining fabric. Just perfect for back to school....

Kelsie loved the funky pink design and polka dots and Kristy picked out more grown up colors in browns and greens. I have some secret fabric (shhhh) in my stash for my bag. How fun to have matching purses! ....Alas, a sad note to this sewing machine is broken. Boo Hoo, and I can not create the darling bags until the machine is fixed. (sniff) So just as inspiration struck and on the verge of something GREAT, the dratted machine will not work. (and YES it is plugged in) So I will need to find another project to occupy my time. I guess the mending will have to wait too.


Tracey said...

Argh~ How frustrating! That would SO happen to me. Hope you can get your machine up and running soon.

The Stitching Diva said...

It looks as though it will be the weekend, before I can take care of it. Bummer.