Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yeah for Weekends

After the never ending week, I look forward to today with visions of a PERFECT weekend. Well, as close as can be expected. Today, I slept until 7 am (yeah for me). I got Hubby and DD1 to accompany me to the Buckler Craft Fair at the Fair Grounds. Oh, I always can find inspiration. Hubby spent more than I did! Who would have thought he'd find beauty and appreciation for the work involved in a handmade quilt for our bed. Yes! And it was HIS idea. We got a spectacular deal! We then went to Ikea. GOOD GRIEF that place is beyond HUGE. After leaving exhausted and tapped out, I arrived home to find my cross stitch mags waiting for me and new listings on my online store. YEAH!!!

Well I'll update tomorrow with some pictures.

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