Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a week

It's been a full week. School started for 2 of the kids and work has eased up a bit for me. I've had some success in selling last semester's college books, and have been hunting the bargains for this semester's books. I've done pretty well on both accounts. We purchased Kelsie a car. It's a 96 Ford Taurus. Now all we need is for her to get her license and she'll be independent like the rest of the family. I think she's excited about it.

I've been trying to find time to stitch all week. I've started taking an hour for lunch at work, and I've been spending that time stitching on Bent Creek's The Big Round Zipper. I finished the outer border and was working on the fill of the border when I discovered a boo boo. Oh darn. I couldn't leave it, and have been working my way around frogging as I go. I hate that. Part 2 is now out and I'm really loving it so far. It's not really much to look at yet. I'm off to get stitching.

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