Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Girls

It's a GORGEOUS April morning here in Florida.  The Sun is shining, the temperature is cool and the air is filled with tiny little cheeps and peeps.  What can be happier?!

Saturday 4/9 was stitch day.  The girlfriends and I meet once a month at a library and spend 6 hours stitching and catching up.  As always, it was a great day.  Days like that renew my spirit in a way that is hard to describe.  If you don't belong to a stitch group, you should find one.  I believe it's important to share ideas, lessons, and life in general with a group of friends that have the same (or similar) hobbies.  I've learned so much from my stitching girl friends.  They are all special to me.

On the needles:

  1.  3 color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli.  I'm getting ready to start section 4.  I had it started and had to rip back to beginning of the section as somewhere I'd lost a stitch. I'm working it in Shibui Staccato in the colorways - Pool, Cove and Apple on size US 6 4.0 mm Karbonz circular needles.

  1. Luna Socks - Using Berroco Comfort Sock in Light Grey and the contrast color is Pink.  I need to find the ball band as it has disappeared itself out of the bag.

  1. Rag Doily Rug - Using 7/10 clothesline of cotton/polyester blend.  I purchased the clothesline at Walmart.  This is a Quick Quick knit and a lot of fun.  Using a  size 19 needle.

In the Hoop:
  1. I'm still working on Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs.  This is a piece I really want to finish and thanks to my dear friend Rita, I will have enough WDW dried thyme to finish the piece.
  2. I'm also working on an old piece ":Merry Christmas".  This is an OOP pattern that I started many many moons ago and hope to finish.
On the Wheel:
  1. Nothing is on the wheel yet, however I have signed up for a spinning class that will run 3 Saturday's in a row.  I hope to really get a feel for my Wheel and get moving on  my spinning.
On the Loom:
  1. Well, I have ideas I just need to locate the yarn I want to use!

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