Friday, November 13, 2015

It's O'Dark Thirty

Up and at em!  That's what my brain said at 3:18 am this morning.  Good Grief.  I'd like to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours.  Not sure if this is an "Age" related issue or what.  Waking up early feeling like I can't breathe, having to go to the bathroom and being unable to turn it all off.  So what better time to write a blog post, right?

Let's get into this!

OK, We've officially moved.  We purchased property in June, Rented our house in the city, and moved to the country on September 20.  We spent a lot of time moving and downsizing, and we still aren't completely finished.  Good Grief!  It's amazing what you accumulate in 18 years in the same home.  So we are now officially living at the new property and working on getting things organized.  Hubby is working on the yard and has cleared out the orchard and vineyard of the over growth, mown a path around the property, and cleared an area for my garden, and my chicken coop.  I'm still organizing my craft room.  The room is still full of boxes although I've managed to unpack 15 of them.  UGH, I have a lot of STASH.  I shouldn't need to buy another thing as long as I live.  Yeah, right like that's gonna happen.  I've already ordered more yarn!

I'm hunting for lavendar and cedar chips to make sachets for my craft room to help protect against moths.  Yes, I've seen one or two. I'm now on the war path.  Things are definitely different here in the country.  For starters, the quiet.  It is so quiet here.  It's also very dark at night, but OH MY the stars are amazing.  And on a clear night you can see beyond the bright stars.  The other day we were up early and able to see Mars, Jupiter and Venus ( I think that's right).  I really need to get a telescope out here.  It's gorgeous.  The downside?  Yes there is one, and it is a HUGE one.  The internet is beyond slow with tons of limitations.  Oh I miss my Brighthouse lightening speed with Echo.

Ok, lets talk about the needles -

The baby blanket in yellow and gray is off the needles, although not blocked. (it's still packed so no pictures)

Greg's man socks in brown - well I went to stitch those and broke a needle.  Knowing that my other needles are still packed I did what any other sane person would do..... I ordered new ones from knit picks.

So when the needles I arrived, I started new socks!  I bought the yarn in Ormond Beach thinking it was a self striping yarn.  NOPE, I now refer to them as the ugly socks.  Not my favorite, but I will say the yarn is really quite nice.  It makes a nice fabric.

I have purchased some lovely yarns and gadgets recently -

Most recently is my Santa sock pattern which is a self patterning yarn.  I can't wait to stitch with it.  The yarn is from Artistic Yarn by Abi.  She has an etsy shop that I somehow stumbled across.

In Hand -

Many of my cross stitch projects are still packed or in places I don't quite remember, so I took a trip to Brick City in Ocala.  This is the closest cross stitch shop to me.  It was nice and I love the fabric selection as I haven't had that in awhile, but it was difficult to understand the patterns.  I will need to spend a little more time there.  I did make a purchase as Halloween was on my mind, so I purchased Lizzie Kate's I can drive a stick snippet, and Cats on Parade by Blackbird Designs.  I purchased patterns, floss and fabric.

Following my shopping trip- I started Lizzie*Kate Snippet "I Can Drive A Stick" and finished it.  I used PTP 32 ct Belfast Linen in "Pickled" colorway.  I used WDW floss in "Onyx"  I love this piece and am still considering how I want to finish it.

I purchased the Country Stitches Online exclusive Reindeer Games limited edition and I love it.  I will be starting that next.

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