Friday, April 24, 2015

Great Mail Days

Is there anything more exciting than getting goodies in the mail?  I don't think so.  I LOVE to get magazines, and packages in the mail.  The anticipation of receiving a purchased item just adds to the excitement when it finally arrives.  You just have tear through the packaging to get to the item.

Some things I received in the mail this week:

1) My favorite white eyeliner - I needed a replacement so I ordered NYX white eyeliner on Amazon.  I LOVE Amazon Prime - get it in 2 days.

2. Machete - Wait a minute I didn't order this?  Hmmm, why would Amazon send me a Machete?    Well that's a good question.
ME: "Hello Amazon?  I received a machete that I did not order.  I think there has been a mistake."                                      
AMAZON:"Do you have a shipment tracking number?"                                                               ME: "Yes I do. That number is #### #### #### #### ###"                                           AMAZON:"I'm sorry we don't see that tracking number.  The item may have been sent to you as a gift.  If you weren't expecting a gift, then it's possibly an error, so you can keep the machete, or donate it.  Do what you like with it."      
  ME: "Ok, I don't know who would want to send me a machete but thank you for looking into it."  Have a nice day"

3.  My antioxidant capsules recommended by my dermatologist.
Today Choose Joy by Lizzie* Kate
Never Give Up by Lizzie* Kate

Collect Moments Snippet by Lizzie*Kate

Autumn Tree by Barbara Ann Designs
I know what to do with my eyeliner, and my Heliocare.  However, the Machete?  I gave that to the hubby, and now the only remaining question is... What do I stitch first?

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