Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trip to Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The day began early with prep for Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure. We started out with Krispy Kreme donuts and a 2 hour car ride. We made our way through the lines and to city walk were the "tourist-y" nature came out. Nothing like catching a good wave and making it look all too easy. Way to Hang Ten Greg!

The day was just perfect for the park, not to hot, not too cold, and all the Florida Sunshine we could handle. Sometimes, I just LOVE living in Florida.We eventually made our way into the park grabbing pictures of towers and riding rides. We started in Marvel Comics land. The husband, Greg, and the kids, Steven and Kelsie started the day with The HULK. A very menacing looking rollercoaster. While Kristy and I opted for the more tame X-Men Storm ride. Both were a li
ttle too much for us after the donuts. We proceeded from there to the Spiderman simulator ride, where we all agreed, these were too much this early in the morning.

Toon Lagoon was our next stop anc our imaginations went wild, and some silliness ensued as we all tried to find great photo opporunities...Hey are you stealing my burgers?
Why am I in the dog house? Yes I ate my spinach! The fun continued throughout Toon Lagoon ending up with a very wet family from the Bilge Rats ride and the Dudley Do Right Flume Ride. Of course the real draw for most of us, was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Oh we were all excited to have Butterbeer and Pumpking Juice. Get wands and tour the caste. It was all very exciting. The castle had a lot of attention to detail, although the entire area is a bit out of whack from the books and movies. We still had a good time, but found it incredibly cramped as people took to lounging all over the place making it difficult for photo ops and enjoyment. We did Olivander's wand shop, and although I really wanted a wand, I couldn't stand all the cramped space full of people, you could barely turn around. I've been to night clubs that were less packed than this store. We did enjoy some cold and refreshing Butterbeer. And it snowed in the castle. I'd say we had a GREAT and Memorable day. Now on to Saturday....Monster Truck JAM. Only the boys are going, so the girls and I? Maybe Chick flicks and popcorn?

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