Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Felted project!

Awww Sundays.....It's nice to wake up and not feel pressured to run to work, although work invades my mind even when I sleep. I wake up thinking of all sorts of things that need to be accomplished. I hate that. Back to work tomorrow for a regular work week. I will not complain about the glorious short week that has just passed. It was short and productive.
The Falling Knots Scarf is still on the needles, but I have finished the 7th pattern repeat. However, I feel that it should be longer. Even with aggressive blocking, it's not going to be where I want it to be, so an 8th repeat is now in progress. I'm 10 rows into the 50 row repeat. The FLS has seen no love this week, nor has the WestKnits shawl. I did feel the need to do an easy and fast project and while searching patterns for the Plurk Podcast Challenge, I came across the cutest felted pig pattern. My youngest daughter loves pigs, and I though this would be fun. First because I've never knit a toy or animal, and secondly because I have never felted anything either. What a FAST knit. I had the Top piece on and off the needles in a matter of hours, and the rest of the pieces followed suit, the entire pig was knit in pieces in less than a total of 8 hours. Unfortunately I had to wait to construct and felt the pig, but hooray for Saturdays. I have finished the pig! He's so cute, now the question becomes do I embroider the eyes and snout or leave him alone? I think he is very handsome and I think my daughter will love him. I'm ready to do more....

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