Thursday, April 21, 2011

All's Quiet on the Home front

Now out of work and at home, I'm keeping busy with everything EXCEPT knittng. What's up with that? I've cleaned, cooked, baked, gardened, visited, looked for work, and the list goes on. I've spent some time on Plurk. Of course the computer is a GIANT time suck. I can hear it coming for me. With all of that, I have managed to work on my February Lady's Sweater which is still on the needles. Off the needles is my Katia Tul yarn ruffled scarf. Oh, I love this stuff. It looks great in this pewter gray colorway. I have a ton of other projects waiting to be cast on...because as of right now I only have 1 thing on the needles. What should I start next????Socks? Hat? Shawl? Scarf? It's time to play with the yarn.

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