Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A story worthy of the Knit More Girls - When knitting Attacks

No picture please! It's tough to cope when your beloved knitting attacks you. This was an all out vicious attack on me by my knitting. The knitted object under arrest? The Waterfall shawl from the book Nature's Wrapture. The very book the KnitGirllls previewed an episode or two ago. I finished it, completely, and that is wear the story begins. I sat down at work yesterday to read the pattern and determine when the best time to unravel the edge would be, before or after the blocking. OMG, did I read that right? I wasn't supposed to bind off ALL the stitches. #$@*, ok, so I undo all the bound of stitches. Did I mention that I'd already woven in the ends? %%^$ *&%$#@. Ok. I can do this....(Did the thought that I shouldn't start this while at lunch at work, or I should wait until I get home, enter my mind at all?) So I carefully Undo the bind off (all the way) Re worked the bind off saving the last few stitches to be dropped as instructed. I think this will be easy. So everything is going swimmingly until I get about 1/3 of the way down the scarf and a knot happens. I'm thinking...why is there a knot? Duh! I wove in all the ends, so while untangling knots I actually UNDID a knot that was a joined thread....need I say more? OK....I will....OOPS lunch is over, and back into the bag. When I got home....my tangled mess had completely unraveled to the 1/2 way point and into the stitches that were NOT supposed to be unraveled. It was completely unrecognizable. And nothing to do but undo it all and rip all the way back to the mess and then try and find out what row and where to pick up the stitches. The story ends fairly well....I have the yarn re-skeined and the shawl back on the needles...all that's left to do (beside re-knit the whole darn thing) is to TINK back to a recognizable row and continue on from there. UGH!

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